Bild: Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- und Videofest / Sven Heine

Version 2.0 of the Korsakow-Installation of “Greek And The Money” is shown at 29th Kasseler Dokfest.

Nov 13 – 18, 2012

{ Elissavet | 13.11.12 }


“The Money and the Greek” is the latest project of, directed by Florian Thalhofer in cooperation with the Goethe-Institute Athens.

The Opening of the Video-Installation will be held on
July 12th
8 p.m.
at Beton 7

Pydnas 7, Votanikos, 11855 Athens

The Installation will be open until 08th of September
3 p.m.-11 p.m. daily

{ Florian | 09.07.12 }

Florian Thalhofer was in hospital recently. During that time he wrote an article about the art of non-linear thinking. This article is now published with “Schnitt – Das Filmmagazin” Issue #66. Soon available everywhere you can buy newspapers and magazines (in Germany).

{The article is in German language.}


{ Florian | 11.04.12 }

28th of February, 8 pm at the Korsakow-Institute: Interested people are invited to participate, think along and assist in the making of the most recent Korsakow-project.

Together with the filmmaker, the guests spend three diverting hours viewing the raw material – in the midst of the project’s process of realization. Fourteen people are present. Germans and Greeks with different backgrounds. The rough-cut interview-sequences are successively projected, the individual ratings and comments are noted down by the audience after every single clip.

Diving into the debate, the guests evaluate what’s being said according to criteria such as content or personal aspects. Different people like different things for different reasons, at times the debate is intense. But this is desired: It’s an experiment. Thalhofer opens his raw material to an interested crowd, asking for opinions, perceptions, is thrilled about the combined brain-power, the inspiring discussion and talking heads.

Crude audio, coarse cuts and unwanted camera-movements – rarely any filmmaker adventures himself to the public at this early state of production, requesting feedback.

The day after this first successful presentation the results are appraised. Thalhofer is analyzing the various ratings and comments that his guests have noted down. We are all happy about the participants’ enthusiasm and their help in making this Korsakow-project – already thinking of a soonish second rough-cut preview.


{ Florian | 01.03.12 }


„The Art Of Flying“ – „Der Traum vom Fliegen“ is the title of a big exhibition, that takes place at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin. „Everyone has the capacity to fly“ take your chance and fly with Ingold Airlines to Istanbul and visit the people of Planet Galata. Departure weekdays (except Tuesdays) from 11am to 7pm.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, March 3rd – Mai 8th.

{ Florian | 03.03.11 }


Das Goethe-Institut in Barcelona zeigt der Reihe nach so ziemlich alle Korsakow-Filme, die ich je gemacht habe. Ein echter Geheimtipp für Insider!

8., 15., 22. und 29. April 2010
Goethe-Institut Barcelona
Manso 24-28, 4.Stock
Deutsch, Englisch, Arabisch
Eintritt frei | +34 93 2926006

Mehr auf: deutsch | spanisch | katalan

{ Florian | 06.04.10 }


A new exhibition is on at the Jewish Museum Berlin. The very last piece in the exhibition is a Korsakow-Film:

What does koscher mean to you?

Religious, traditional and secular Jews from different generations and different
cultural backgrounds ponder the significance of the dietary laws in their lives. They talk about the many possibilities of living out traditions, interpreting laws and designing identities in a non-Jewish environment.

October 9, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Director: Ruth Olshan, Camera: Simone Schmid, Dietmar Ratsch
Sound: Matthias Pätsch, Edit: Kathrine Granlund
Concept: Media-Department of the Jewish Museum Berlin
Made with the Korsakow-System by Florian Thalhofer | Berlin, 2009

Aviel Avdar mit Katrin Wank, Hillel Ben Sasson, Inge Borck (geb. David), Benjamin, Shulamit Jakobi, Rachel Kohn mit Familie, Yael und Shelly, Chris Merritt, Irina Rosensaft, Irene Runge mit Igor Chalmiev und Andreas Poetke, Shlomit Tulgan

Questions asked by:
Monika Flores, Dagmar Ganßloser, Edna Herlinger, Henriette Kolb, Mirjam Wenzel

{ Florian | 07.10.09 }

Feb 12 – Apr 2, 2008

Florian Thalhofer: I-Story Box

Installation, Screenings and Lectures

17. – 28.2.08

N.Delhi: 17.-19.2.08
Bangalore: 21.-22.2.08
Kolkata: 24.-25.2.08
Mumbai: 27.-28.2.08
In a series of events, the German documentary filmmaker and media artist Florian Thalhofer will present a selection of his interactive films and will talk about his unique form of expression. His works are based on the principle that in reality things occur simultaneously rather than in succession.
Florian Thalhofer has invented the [Korsakow system] (, an easy-to-use editing software which allows you to publish interactive films on- and offline to suit his particular form of expression. He is the recipient of many awards such as the literatur digital award, the reddot design award, and the Werkleitz Award.

Some of his main projects are:

[13terShop] Florian Thalhofer and Kolja Mensing spent a month in a shopping mall in Bremen to explore life in a shopping heaven.

[LoveStoryProject] The LoveStoryProject is a an ongoing Korsakow film that started in Kairo in 2002 to understand how people perceive love in different parts of the world.

[Forgotten Flags] In this project Florian Thalhofer and Juliane Henrich have tried to explore the feelings of people in Germany about the German flag post-2006 World Cup.

{ Florian | 05.02.08 }