Berlinale is over. (I did not go there.) I was one of three nominated for best documentary at the German Web Video Award in Essen (see blog-entry below (if you speak German)). The honorary jury award went to mopeten.de for a 17minute video about a trip of 8 guys on motorbikes („the idea was convincing: 1000 miles in 24 hours“) the audience-award to the short film „Freddy“ about a friendly and funny guy that masters life in a wheelchair (cool description of how the film was shot, which camera and software used on director’s Roman Michel’s blog). Only 7sons did not win a price. Therefore I was picked up at the airport in Istanbul in a black limousine and I had the pleasure to get squeezed into the car with the winners of Berlinale First Feature Award. „On the Ice“ – director Andrew MacLean showed me a photo of him and Wim Wenders on his mobile phone. That was cool! They were driven to their hotel from where I had to walk to my friend’s house: I have the pleasure to stay with Berke Bas – my co-director of Planet Galata. And, as winning producer of „On the Ice“ Cara Marcous said: „There is nothing better than staying at a home.“ – Right!

Planet Galata will be screened in Istanbul:

Wednesday, February, 23rd, 15:00 – 17:30 hrs


{ Florian | 22.02.11 }