We are thrilled to announce that Korsakow 5.0 is now available for download at www.korsakow.org

We have made several important changes. Korsakow is now a single, integrated application. Features such as interface design and subtitling are now all handled inside the application. It comes with a prebuilt K-Film called Circle of Life, which will be familiar to those of you who have used Korsakow in the past. Best of all, Korsakow now publishes a browser-ready Flash file (ie .swf), instead of a Shockwave file. It allows users to import old K-Films built with version 3 and republish them in a much more accessible format.

There are a number of Korsakow-films made in Korsakow 5 that are already available to view online:

7sons – A documentary featuring Camels, Sand, Sheik Suellim and his seven sons
Almost Architecture – A film about high-rise signs in Montréal
Forgotten Flags – The Germans and their flag
13terShop – 31 days in a shopping mall
The Way I Saw It – A personal non-linear view of the Corporation and Efficiency
13terStock – Heimat high-rise

We’re still working on the website, but it already includes a vernissage of new and republished K-Films, a Quick Start guide, and FAQs. We’re also committed to improving Korsakow, which is where you come in: We invite all of you to become an active part of the international Korsakow community by introducing yourselves in the Forum, telling us how you use Korsakow, and contributing your ideas for improvements and enhancements.

Korsakow is now open source, it offers all kinds of possibilities for development, but we can’t do it properly without your ideas and energy!

We hope you enjoy using Korsakow. We look forward to hearing from you, and to finding out all the amazing ways you use Korsakow in your creative endeavours.

The Korsakow-System was inveted by Florian Thalhofer. Programming: David Reisch, Stuart Thiel, Gabriel Gosselin. Project Director Matt Soar.

{ Florian | 24.07.09 }