Now available: [Forgotten Flags] – a Korsakow-film for PC and Mac

Germans think that showing the national flag is sinister. World Cup soccer in 2006 brought about a notable swing. Germans overcame — temporarily — their fear of association with right-wing nationalism. They were proud of their fatherland and put out flags en masse for the first time.

2562 kilometers – Florian Thalhofer and Juliane Henrich travelled through Germany looking for the forgotten flags of the soccer-world-cup and their owners.

The result is the Korsakow-Film [Forgotten Flags] that was just released on DVD-Rom by Mediamatic, Amsterdam. The DVD comes with a bonus-track: [small world] – Florian Thalhofer’s first nonlinear photo-film on what it is like to grow up in a small town.

[Forgotten Flags] – DVD-Rom and hard cover magazine with a text by Krystian Woznicki and photos by Juliane Henrich now published by Mediamatic. 20 pages, DVD-Rom:

10,35 €

Order here:
Either through mairisch-Verlag, Hamburg or send an email to Mediamatic.

{ Florian | 04.02.08 }